I look back over my last 10 posts and notice something interesting… I love exclamations! Six posts have !!, two have ??, and that leaves two that are just titles.

That’s probably a fair ratio for how I write in emails and how I talk, too.

What could that mean?

I’m pretty sure it just means that I’m enthusaistic and energetic.

How about you? You should check on your communications. Are you enthusaistic when you talk to people about your business, your family, your life?

It’s a big part of Improv. Scenes and shows are better when they’re high energy. Of course, they can’t ALL be high energy, but we sure do have a high percentage that lean that way.

And why is that? Because high energy equals fun. You never see a depressed person walking full-tilt. And besides Steven Wright, you don’t see morose comedians.

My recommendation for you: Walk faster this week and use more exclamations in your speech and your writing.

(It’s way more fun than not having fun!)


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