RBRussell Brand has become a favorite of mine recently. Sorry if I’m late to get on that bus. I know a lot of people will be thinking, “I liked Russell before it was cool” and they’re “over him” by now.

Either way, here I am just realizing that he’s erudite, smart, and quite a risk taker. Three things that all together make an imaginary “We’d be best friends” scenario happen in my head.

I’d like to share a bit about what I think Russell Brand is doing right and how we (You and I, both) need to start doing more of those things. About being more public, about sharing, about being real and transparent.

Visible, Articulate, Fun
Recently, he was on a BBC interview with a rather confrontational interviewer discussing politics. I’m not sure what caught my eye about it because as I said, I didn’t really follow the guy before. I don’t generally like to watch people talk about politics. And I don’t think I’m British.

This is a discussion of how Russell has become the political writer for the New Statesman magazine. (I call him Russell because we’re buds. In my head.)

For a gent that’s made a career of swaggering like a rock star, telling dirty jokes, and portraying a drugged-out sex fiend in movies, he comes across quite well. He fields all questions without hesitation in a thoughtful, humanistic, and usually clever way.

I especially liked the bit where he knew he couldn’t answer a question which was quite epic in scope. “Don’t ask me to sit here in an interview with you in a bloody hotel room and devise a global Utopian system.”

So maybe he can’t do that in 5 minutes. Of course, we’ve had thousands of years trying to figure it out and look where we are now.

Not sure about the whole “not voting” thing is going to change the world, because when the weary and near-nihilistic masses stop voting, then the very people that Russell rails against will determine All of the rules and things would get worse, not better.

Are you being visible; doing blog posts, videos, public appearances?
Are you crafting concise, emotional messages that convey what you do, for who, and how it will benefit them?
Are you having fun with it? People love to laugh and it makes sales and connection easier.

Gracious & Loving
Check out another angle on Russell in this clip from his own talk show where he interviewed members of the Westboro Baptist Church.

These fellas come into a hostile environment (which I’d be happy to say they’ve created for themselves) and Russell continuously asks his audience to be nice and treat them with respect and love.

I like how he dances around with their vitriol, even calling them brave for coming. They repeatedly affront him and the audience, even bringing a huge sign that casts Russell as a Fag Pimp. He confronts them and tries to understand where they’re coming from in humorous and loving ways.

Do you deal with problems and people with Grace? Always?
Are you feeling Love for your customers, clients, and acquaintances? Always?
Are you treating others like equals, even when they’re different than you? Always?

Note: When I say Always, I understand that it might not be possible to attain. It’s the trying that counts in this case.

Not Perfect – Human
Clearly nobody is perfect. I’m not saying Russell Brand is perfect. He’s had problems with drugs and women and even the law. He’s not close to perfect. But none of us are.

What I am pointing at here is that by consciously remembering to be Visible, Articulate, Fun, Gracious, Loving, and Human, you will connect with more people and have improved relationships (business and otherwise).

Think deeply. Love openly. Share. And Love.

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