This is the first work day of the new year.
blank-black-chalkboardLet’s start by Starting Over.

No matter what happened to you in the last year or before that, your future is unblemished.
Do not bring your junk forward. What has happened has happened.
Now, let’s call a do-over and start from here.

You have resources: a body, a mind, and heart. Perhaps some money, friends, partners. You have a knack for something that most other people do not. Use it, nurture it, grow.

If you don’t already know, here is a secret to success in life. Help other people get what they want.
Bam! Make someone’s life easier or better and you are paid immediately in self satisfaction and probably thanks. If you’ve thought about it first, you may have been paid in cash. But that’s not what is important at first. Now, it’s just about finding out what helps and that someone’s better for it.

NOW, embiggen!

Go help more people and charge what you’re worth. Not what your past may tell you you’re worth. But how valuable is this to The Person That Needs It??

This is The Year of Good Fortune for those that help. (Because I said so!)
I promise to help more people and I am going to do so well for myself (and family) and do so much good for the world, that I will seem like a new person to you. Fear not, I’m still me; friendly, approachable, and fun.

How about you? Want to be in the business of changing lives?
Start now. Start fresh.

A new year is a clean slate for you to write your future on.
Happy New Year!

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