Toby Martini, Chief Improv Officer

“Okay, a CEO, his management team and his employees walk into a bar…”

Well, it’s no joke that straddling the two worlds of business and entertainment has made Toby Martini a highly sought after trainer and coach who teaches the skills and challenges of Improv Comedy to CEOs, management and employees at corporations that are looking to improve public speaking skills, teamwork and communications flow.  The skills needed to be funny and entertaining are valuable in the business world, as Toby learned first hand while working at several Fortune 500 companies – and as hundreds of graduates of Toby’s workshops will attest.

For more than 9 years, Toby directed and performed with the Bay Area Improv Theatre, a professional improv troupe in Tampa, Florida.  However, he also runs a well-respected web design company, where he has helped countless business owners grasp the technological tools necessary to compete online.

It’s this rare combination of Improvisation guru and practical businessman that uniquely qualifies Toby to teach the skill of communication, teamwork and creativity to business professionals.

“Any one who has ever spoken in public can imagine how difficult it is to get up in front of a crowd of strangers with no script.  If you have ever seen an Improv performance, you realize how quickly the actors must think on their feet and how they have to have incredible team work. These are skills that help companies build teams, encourage innovation and reward creativity.  In our knowledge based economy, these are core skills needed to build both a work force and management that can compete in the 21st Century.”

Companies that have hired Toby have attested to their ROI – “Return on Improv”- routinely saying that participants walk away with greater self-confidence, better team communication and a renewed commitment to enjoying every work day more fully.  “After years of holding my workshops, I would have to say my greatest joy is in seeing people become more expressive, creative and bold.  My goal is to never humiliate or embarrass.  Rather, it is to make every participant feel like a star.”

The stars in Toby’s life are Lori, his amazing wife and dedicated mother of their three “monkey-boys,” Makai, Traven and Reave, who teach him daily about life, fun and, of course, patience.

Oh, and the punch line to that joke…you know, the one about the CEO, his management team and his employees who walk into a bar?”

They order a Toby Martini!

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