Corporate Training

Communications, Creativity and Teamwork!

Are your teams not working like… teams?
Do you have a creative group that just… isnt?
Do you wish it was easier to communicate both up and down the chain?

Learn tremendous listening and communication skills, how to act under pressure, and discover the absolute necessity of teamwork in this laughter-inducing workshop.

Imagine your own employees and colleagues after they’ve learned how to say “Yes, and…” to offers. That means they’ll suspend judgment, accept new ideas, create options, reframe situations, change perspective, and learn how to take risks.

It’s fun. It’s easy. The benefits are long-lasting!

Companies that ignore the creative potential of their own workforce are bound to be quickly replaced by those who don’t! This one-of-a-kind workshop will help you get ahead of the curve.

An Innovative, Brain-Stretching, Out-of-the-Box Workshop teaching you…

Your teams will be able to:

  • Have an attitude of “Yes, and….”
  • Cooperate and work better as a team.
  • Be creatively inspired.
  • Move forward even when things aren’t clear.
  • Learn to positively explore the possibilities with a “What if?” attitude.
  • Think fast!
  • Increase trust, loyalty and pride
  • Enhance interpersonal and team communication
  • Experience higher morale & greater self-esteem
  • Increase productivity and cooperation

I have been leading Improv workshops for over 5 years. What makes my workshops different from anyone else’s Improv workshops is my ability to reach past the “Here’s a great game to get laughs” stage.

I always found myself applying how a certain game, Improv principle, or comedic spin on things would help solve a given business problem or help employees enjoy their work day more, or become more involved in their company or relate better to customers.

15 years working in the IT field for some big multinational companies has me steeped in corporate culture. I know the drama that happens in meetings. I understand the dynamics of a cubicle farm.

We both know that Dilbert Copyright Scott Adams  is 100% true and really very funny, right?

When I brought my Improv training in to my “day job” my teams all got better fast. My bosses loved the way the teams that I was in became stronger, more social, and more productive.

Now, I’m bringing that to every company that I can because every company really needs it! (Especially now in these times of the New Economy and people worried about their jobs.)

Let’s laugh and play at business; make it more fun and keep everyone on all of your teams engaged and motivated!

Improv games, exercises, and attitude are taught in a relaxed, no-pressure style. It’s totally entertaining and thoroughly mind-bending. All particpants walk away with new skills they can use in their work today, tomorrow, and in their lives forever!

Teamwork, Communications, and Creativity are guaranteed!

My workshops Will improve your business.
                   You will see results with the people that work there,
                                            as well as with the customers they interact with.

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Have Fun!
It’s way more fun than not having fun!