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How Tina Fey, Robin Williams & Jim Carrey Can Teach You to Be a Better Public Speaker

Learn the secrets of America’s top improvisors from Toby Martini, professional Improv actor and public speaking trainer, and improve your public speaking skills – while having a blast!

Your favorite stand up comics may be naturally funny, but they have also been trained in the techniques of Improv that allow them to talk spontaneously, overcome stage fright, and take audiences in the direction they determine. Public speaking, teamwork and creative thinking are just a few core skills that Improv techniques can improve.

We all marvel at how Improv troupes are able to spontaneously create great comedy right before our eyes. We enter a different state of mind as we allow stand-up comics to take us to places we often would not allow ourselves to go. Imagine how effective a speaker you would be if you could get your audience to change their state of mind so that they more readily embrace your ideas.

There are specific skills and exercises that Improv troupes learn in order to think and talk spontaneously, put audiences in the mood for their jokes, to get and hold their attention and make them laugh. You can learn these same skills! And have fun while learning!

Toby Martini’s “Improv Techniques for Public Speaking” can effectively teach anyone:

Fearlessness on stage:
There is no such thing as “stage fright.” Rather, it is fear of something else that we translate into stage fright: Fear of embarrassment, fear of failure, fear of success – we all have fears. Wouldn’t you love to overcome your fears and be in control of your self, as well as your audience?

Audience preparation strategies:
I call it “Preparation A.”  In other words, getting up in front of an audience doesn’t have to make you uncomfortable.  Or itch.

No, I’m not talking about spontaneously taking off on a trip around the world.  I’m talking about using the same techniques Improv teaches that help liberate the creative process and let you tap into some of your best ideas, as your unconscious mind is unleashed.  I told you – this is powerful stuff!

Audience interaction techniques:
How to interact with your audience and how not to overdo it. For example, don’t invite the entire audience back to your hot tub after your speech.  But getting your audience involved is something you can learn – and gives you greater influence over them.

How to tell a joke and influence people:
What Dale Carnegie forgot to tell you. (He really wasn’t the funniest guy, even back then.)
Learn how your energy and delivery can be enhanced for amazing results AND how to make almost anything funny.

Top Five Reasons to work with Toby Martini

1) You will learn to become fearless on stage

2) You will learn to change your audience’s mindset to be more receptive to your ideas

3) You will learn the power of entertaining over informing

4) You will learn how to unleash your own creativity

5) You will learn how to turn audiences into team members

The Five Most Ridiculous Reasons to Order a Toby Martini… Workshop, that is:

1) You can have a Toby Martini and still drive home afterwards

2) You can skip the three-martini lunch and have one Toby Martini instead, lowering calories and increasing “food for thought.”

3) You’ll learn great games to entertain small children.

4) You’ve tried every other type of training for your staff and they still bore you to death when they open their mouths.

5) Because Toby Martini is often stirred, but never shaken.

But Here Is The Number One Best Reason To Order A Toby Martini “Improv For Public Speakers” Workshop:

1) It works!

You will learn proven techniques for being a more effective communicator, better team player and creative thinker, with a renewed sense of purpose and passion for public speaking.

In his best-selling new book, “Tell to Win,” entertainment industry mogul and former CEO of Columbia Pictures and Casablanca Records, Peter Guber, documents how some of the most accomplished business leaders in our country have mastered the power of entertaining audiences over simply informing them.

By working with Toby Martini and learning how to use Improv for Public Speaking, you will learn many of the key techniques that today’s top public speakers are using to keep audiences entertained and engaged.

If you’re a beginning speaker, here are some things that I can recommend to you.

Get out and speak! Find any crowd that will listen and get some practice hours in. Once you have a topic and some ideas, contact your local civic clubs and see if you can get 10-20 minutes onstage. These clubs are always seeking speakers: Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, and local Chambers of Commerce.

Toastmasters – This organization, started in 1924, is dedicated to helping people overcome their fears and become great public speakers. It’s international now and there is almost definitely a club near you.

People there are always super friendly and you’ll get valuable constructive feedback to help you get better all the time. I’m a member of three clubs and highly recommend that you check it out soon!

Go to your local comedy club. Besides having a fun night out, watch how the comedians engage the audience.  Go with an eye towards analyzing their techniques.  And remember to turn off your cell phone. (Oh, and take a cab home if you had too much to drink.)

Think about how much of a comedian’s humor is really about themselves.  Great public speakers, from Jerry Seinfeld to Barrack Obama to Oprah Winfrey, are telling their own story, more often than not.

Imagine how your public speaking can become a way for you to connect with your audience on a more personal level.

Get Connected. Get Creative. Get Paid! (Funny = Money)

Contact Toby to learn how to become a more dynamic speaker!