Toby Martini is one of a kind and the perfect answer for my prayers! I am on a radio show every week now and with no experience in radio, I needed a very special coach for immediate assistance.

Toby is nothing short of awesome. He is fun, funny and warm as well as really knowing his stuff. After 3 sessions, I have improved measurably and I look forward to doing the improv workshop for 6 weeks as well.

I would recommend Toby Martini with absolutely no reservation!!


Dana Nellen
Performance Enhancement Specialist
I had a blast.

Initially I signed up for the improv training to learn something new and get out of my comfort zone. Specifically, I wanted to learn a way to lighten up and use humor in my speeches.

But your class was much more than that. It was a paradigm buster. You gave us lots of tools and exercises to get out of our own way and become “green-light thinkers.”

This training is incredibly valuable not just in the one’s own personal life, but also in the area of team and leadership development.

I look forward to more!

Birgit Zacher Hanson
President, Heads-Up Performance.
What a fantastic time I had, Toby!

My head would be buzzing with all the new stuff that I learnt at the end of each session. The session gave me a positive outlook in life and approaching difficult situations.

I am a better listener and communicator because of "Yes and..." and other techniques we learnt. I can stand up more confident in front of people and speak because I know if I falter, I have a dozen of your techniques to pull me out of it.

And most importantly I know how it really feels to work as a team with a diverse set of people and have fun!

Thank you.

Sunitha Pillai

I wanted to thank you for the lively, fun, and provocative weeks in your Improv class. I joined with the hope of acquiring skills that would help me become more competent at Table Topics in my Toastmaster Club.

When I started with the Improv class I might have been thinking it was not the best choice for me, I had no aspirations to become an actor! The benefits of the Improv class snuck up on me. The exercises loosen up your mind, make you more confident, and unlock your brain to make you more spontaneous. After one class I made a noticeable improvement on my Table Topic participation.

I am a commission sales rep of critical care medical equipment. The skills I’ve acquired in your class have paid off here as well. I’m more responsive and spontaneous during sales calls. In my opinion, the exercises you use in this class should be a part of every sales training program.

Thanks for a great experience!

Michael Hamlin
I would highly recommend everyone to enroll in Toby's Improv Workshop.

After our first session, to my surprise I felt very comfortable and felt excitement after some fun exercises. Toby was very patient and comforting even in challenging moments with my lack of experience.

By the end of the work shop, my fear of public speaking disappeared as I now effortlessly speak in front of people on random topics in a moment's notice. I was amazed at my last recent public speaking event which I was highly praised for my delivery.

Thank you, Toby, for giving me freedom to express myself and just have fun.

Richard Arabian
A Real Live (Unpaid!) Testimonial: I took Toby's workshops 5 years ago. It was out of my comfort zone for sure, but they were great! Total fun!

Also, if you are in the corporate world or have to do any public speaking, improv will give you confidence before an audience.

You will actually *enjoy* just going with the flow with them, which will make you less nervous, more genuine, and thus a more engaging speaker/presenter. Did I mention it was totally fun... and not nearly the same side-effects as the drugs advertised on TV.

Anthony Russo
I decided to take your improv class because I wanted to have more ability to create spontaneous communication. The improv exercises have been a lot of fun, but also showed me my "box" and how to break out of that.

By the end, I was seeing that life is a continuous improv and that I could be spontaneously creating life in every moment instead of falling into living on automatic.

I'm looking forward to more improv!

Debra Redalia
I was very impressed with your presentation. You not only have a gift for speaking but for connecting with your audience and being able to deliver the information in such a way as to really teach your audience.

Rick Furbush, DTM
Toastmasters District 47 Governor
Toby is a dedicated, high character person of his word. He is an established leader and mentor to aspiring individuals. Toby can be counted on to fulfill on any objective he takes on.

He is an excellent communicator and a great person to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to associate with him.

Jared Mitchell
Technology Design Group
Toby is extremely effective in teaching and being an active member in Toastmasters and the local improv community speaks loads about his abilities both off stage as well as on stage.

He is very dynamic and is very adaptive. He is full of energy and he spreads a +ve charge around anyone who interacts with him.

I wish him all the best and can recommend him to any one as he is one of the best people I've met in this industry!

Ranjit P R

Have Fun!
It’s more fun than not having fun!