Wing It and Win! Workshop

Wing It and Win! Workshop

The most fun personal development workshop in the world is back! These Improv and Neuroscience based games, activities, and discussions will improve all of your communications and the way you connect with the world.

  • Maybe you think you’re shy or quiet.
  • _Workshop_FlyerPerhaps you know that you should be doing a seminar or workshop to educate (and gain new) clients, but you’re not ready to be a public speaker.
  • Do you want to improve your memory, access it in a different way and easily remember names?
  • Are you networking as much and as well as you know you should be?
  • Did you know that Funny = Money?

Toby Martini - Teaching Improv

You will learn these valuable Improv skills from a professional Improvisor.  I’ve taught Improv with the Bay Area Improv Theatre and at the Patel Conservatory @ the Straz Center for the Performing Arts for years. You’re in good hands!

I’ve also started a couple of businesses, worked for Fortune 500 companies, and run a non-profit theater group. I understand how learning these communications skills can increase your business.

I also know that being shy, quiet, or afraid to speak in groups can really hold you back!

My experience in Improv, business and a serious immersion in all facets of personal development and Neuroscience makes me the one to help you through it. And you’ll have a great time doing it, I promise!

What will we do in these workshops?

  • You’ll learn to be confident in any situation and commit wholly.
    (Wouldn’t that be helpful in all areas of life?)
  • You’ll learn to feel OK in talking to groups.
    (Like in meetings, workshops, or sales presentations.)
  • You will learn to access your memory in a different way. Never be stuck again!
    (Remember names and be confident that you don’t always need notes or systems to function.)

You don’t have to be an actor nor want to be. The things I teach will simply help you become a better communicator and be more at ease in groups, doing presentations, and any speaking in public you’ll have to do. (and you WILL have to do some, sometime!)

Read what some great folks had to say about working with me.


The next Tampa class will be meeting on Saturday mornings from 10 am till 1 p.m. in W. Tampa beginning on February 24, 2018.

The cost is only $297 for 4 weeks.
Register now because this workshop will change your life!

4-week Wing It & Win Workshop
Price: $297.00