Inspired by Mediocrity

If you ask a bunch of people, “What inspires you?” you’ll get a lot of different answers. Some people are inspired by great leaders or people that have overcome challenges. Some love great art. Some are inspired to do great work by their kids. I am...

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Always and Never

I’ve developed a rule/aphorism because of two different life situations. On Stage The first was in Improv. In a scene, you’ll often see two characters talking and, in order to fulfill some unspoken rule about always needing conflict, they’re yelling...

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Happy New Year!

This is the first work day of the new year. Let’s start by Starting Over. No matter what happened to you in the last year or before that, your future is unblemished. Do not bring your junk forward. What has happened has happened. Now, let’s call a do-over...

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“Life must be lived as play.” ~ Plato

Happy Clients

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